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Sab La Lo“, is the Muzaffarabad first local online shopping store specially launched for people of Muzaffarabad to promote digital services in Muzaffarabad and to provides you everything just in 1 website even those products which are not available in market, everything delivers to your doorstep within 5 working hours. You can also sell free on ‘Sab La Lo’ .

We have no outlet yet, we are not providing our services via any outlet right now we are just providing our services via Website


Our History

Founded on 23rd June 2018 by ‘Shayan Hussain‘, in Muzaffarabad for people of Muzaffarabad to save them from wasting time in markets and to protect from crowds, everything is available in just 1 website, new and old products, everything is available for Muzaffarabadiannzz

Everyone can buy and sell new and used products on ‘Sab La Lo’

Why Choose Us?

Because, we reduce crowds in Markets and save your precious time, so while you are doing work we are doing everything for you, just select products add to cart and then everything is our responsibility to deliver it secure to your doorstep.

Meet the man behind it

Shayan Hussain‘, is the founder and owner of ‘Sab La Lo‘,  and “Ceango” founded this site on 23rd June 2018 with a vision to provide every stuff to the people of Muzaffarabad just in 1 website,  “Shayan Hussain” is a student of ICS, want to know more about ‘Shayan‘ follow his social accounts.

Shayan Hussain Owner and Founder
'Shayan Hussain' Owner and founder

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